Welcome to Channelling Martha!

Hello! I am Fiona Duff an enthusiastic paper crafter and artist. Channelling Martha is the name I have given to my blog. It will be my craft journey as I explore various mediums related to craft and cardmaking. I hope that you will join me in my craft travels.


I started my affair with paper craft back in 2017. It has been a wonderful way for me to release stress and focus on things that matter to me.


Organisation is important to me. I am currently exploring the app “ColorMyLife” which allows you to organise your craft supplies and create project lists.


This was my MFT clean and simple card entry that I did this year. I really like taking a small image from a stamp set and making it the highlight. Choosing to only color one of the cupcakes draws your eye in as well as the three different uses of red.

My logo is of a dandelion. I chose this for a number of reasons. One is the idea of making a wish, the other is to see it travel. I hope to encourage and inspire you to create the things that you love.

I can’t say that I have a particular style at this point in time. There are just too many styles and I like to experiment with them all!

I am able to write quotes and illustrate for you. This is a piece that I was commissioned to do for Teacher Care Kit. Just email me